Sunday, September 10, 2006

Synopsis, Edits and Queries, Oh My!

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Such is the life of an author. You write, write, write. You type THE END, and you think you're done. Oh no, I'm sorry.. that's the fun part. The icky stuff is just beginning.

Oh, why is that picture of Hugh there? Why the heck not would be the question. Tomorrow is Monday, live a little!

I'm actually ok with edits. You go back and re-read the stuff you did and find out that hey, you did alright. You find the silly mistakes and pick out the dangling participles, fiddle with clauses and ignore MS Word when it says that you've mispelled something. I don't really care if ain't is a word or not, my character is from the South, I'm using it, get over it! Same thing with goin', or gotta. Deal!

The query letter, I can also get over doing, after a few cookies or some major choco-therapy. It's like writing a blurb in the middle of a short business type resume letter. Not too bad on those.

However, the dread synopsis, sucksnotsis, or whatever you wish to call these spawns of Satan that were put upon the earth to torment me are a different story entirely. I hate them, I despise them and I will NEVER like them as long as I live so help me NORA! Some write them before they do their stories. Some plot out their stories. I don't do this.. I've tried and I can't.. it does something to switch off the creative process in my brain, makes writing like homework and we all know how I felt about school.

I did well in school, but hated every single minute they forced me to stay. I felt trapped in that regimented, plodding little classroom. Even the desks confined me. I bumped my knees on the tops, or banged my ankles on the legs. Forced to sit wait on the other children while they asked questions over and over and over.. just give me the test so I can leave! *sighs*

I went to a technical college after I quit 'real' college *grins* and I was never so happy to hear the following phrase. "We work at our own pace here." I finished three different courses of study in 8 short months. They handed me my certificates and just sort of stared at me like I was an alien, or even worse.. a yankee *gasps* LOL!!

So, my goal this week is to do the dread synopsis..

Live Long and Prosper,



FeyRhi said...

*sigh* Hugh.....mmmmmmmmmmmm

Oh there was words after that picture??

LOL, Good luck with the synopsis!!

Mechele Armstrong said...

I don't mind edits either.

Good luck on the synopsis. May the force be with you *ducks*.

Anonymous said...

I wrote an article for Writer's Market a few years ago discussing all the work needed after you finished the manuscript. I think that many would-be writers have no idea what's involved in bringing a book to market.

Good luck with your new work.

Walter H. Hunt