Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Is Disney to blame? Or is it because so many of us have been deprived of it in reality for much of our misbegotten lives do we want a guarantee of happily ever after happening in the books we spend our hard-earned cashola on, and I mean spend. HEA aka Happily Ever After is what romance is all about right? The romance genre covers a lot of sins too. One of them seems to be a new and alarming trend toward the non HEA. I know want it.. If there's gonna be a sequel, I'll settle for happy for now.

Oh, and series sistahs, don't be cutting me off in an abrupt spot either .. you heifers know who yall are.. I still love yall, but seriously, I'm gonna start stalkin me some authors and soon if'n I don't get me some satisfaction. (MaryJanice? yes YOU! Katie? YOU TOO!)

Back to the HEA hullaballooh.. Apparently, people are buying some books, reading them, getting into the good smutty bits, then getting to the end and going.. WHAT THE HEYALL?

Are we going to be reduced to putting Tipper Gore type stickers on books..

Warning: Reader Advisory!! This book may contain a non-satisfactory ending. You might get pissed off. Read at your own risk!

Or in a more positive light..

This book contains a Happy Ending: Birds Sing, Bells Ring, The Whistles Blow and The World Keeps on Turning.

I'm not sure if either one of these is right. I don't actually want to know if it all comes out right in the end. I just want to have a strong belief that it will. I know that most do have a HEA, and the journey between Point A(the beginning) to B (the end) is 99.9% of the fun. However, I'd like to know that Point B isn't going to make me throw the book outside, pour lighter fluid on it, light it up and sacrifice it to the goddess of pissed-off hormonal women. (Oh yeah, she exists and she looks a LOT like me) I'm pretty sure my hubby would like to know this ahead of time too, in case he needs to gather up the garden hose, protective fire gear and yes, the camera.

I love PWP as much as the next perv, but don't label it as romance. Label it as what it is.. good
old fashioned.. SMUUUUUTTT *grins* Loves it I do.. my precious..

This Label Means Nothing
this author is not an expert
she just likes to read alot
she likes happy ever after..
and she'd best see some for Betsy and StinkLAIR.. SOON!
Oh and she'd like her Ainsling/Drake and ooh yes Jim fix too, if atall possible. (puppy eyes)

Jenna Leigh


L.B. said...

I can't remember how many times I've cursed at a book for not having an HEA (copyright Jenn the poopy head) and then curse the very next book for having a HEA.

Jenna Leigh said...

Hell, it ain't my term. The only claim I have on anything is insanity...and that's been handed down in my family for generations...on both sides at that!! LOL!! LB, I feel ya! Poopie Head is your name not mine!!

FeyRhi said...

I don't want reality in my books, that is why I read so much; To escape. Therefore I have to have an HEA. If I don't I might as well read the newspaper *shudder* *G*

Jenna Leigh said...

I'm all for realistic heros/heroines. And I LOVE when they have to work to get to the happy end. But, yeah, I'd like to know that I'll be satisfied too LOL! Don't make me break out that lighter fluid and do the dance. I've got no rhythm atall.