Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Lola is almost done!

Remy (Inspired by the image on the left oooh) and Lola have been sort of a fast and yes, HOT bit of fun for me. What Happens in Vegas sort of flowed out.. so Whoohoo! I love them! Funny, hot and yes, soo very sweet. Short of some edits, we're done!!!!
Thanks, Write 50 Books, yall helped me soo soo much!

As for this story? JMorgan made me do it! For real! Like a vulture looming over me. Nothing like a deadline and a new writing loop to make you get busy! I've had a little help with this one and I hope it's as good as I think it is!

Cross your fingers that my writing stream helps to get all my other stuff out and to my editor. Dateless sat on the back burning glaring at me. And Gabby has been wacking me with her little rattle. I know,I've been peeved too, honey! Now onto her after some edits and other things and, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed on that too!!

Here's to Humpday and I hope you're all having a great week!!

Her Name was Lola!!
Ooh I'm not gonna singit!

Jenna Leigh
La la la la la


cray said...

You are attracted to men who look
like your cousins.......had they
taken better care of themselves!

Jenna Leigh said...

I don't have cousins that look like this.. do I? *peers closer* If so, I missed them somewhere.

Mechele Armstrong said...

Nice picture. I see the inspiration.

And whooo hoooo on finishing. I love books that flow. Good luck on edits and on writing.