Friday, December 02, 2005

I belong to Angela Knight's yahoo group. Some zany person, (thank YOU) put this link up. I spit coffee on the screen and said OMG! It's ME!! Then I looked around for the hidden cameras. Warning, this isn't child friendly, or is it yuppie friendly. LOVE ITTTTT!!!

Went to the Hellmart today. Hated it. Despise this time of year, all the screaming kids, the parents that tune them out, the freaks that like to cut me off with their buggies, the bitch of a checker that pissed me off not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES! I didn't kill her... they should have gave me free chocy at the door for that.

When you don't kill someone, you should get a reward. Like the Pavlov dog thing. I WANT MY NONMURDEROUS CHOCY YOU BASTARDS!!! *growls*

Now, to top the cotton. My exhusband's wife is getting a little pissy with my child. Tellin her she needs to call them. Well, she needs to learn, that phone works both ways. Have they sent my baby a Christmas, Birthday, or even a Are you still alive card. Any of this shit would have been nice. Unlike my child, YOU have a job, unlike my child YOU are an adult (exhubby is not much of one, hence the ex portion on the front of that) Oh, and hey, pay me a lil more child support and I might be able to afford the long distance phone call to YOUR house. Till then, piss off and die!!!

AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH. Tis the season to be killin...

La lalalalaallaaaaaaaaaaaaallaa la la la *bang* *gag* *gurgle* *thump*

Love yall, but please stay well beyond the perimeter of my cage, I am in a biting mood.



Karen said...

Oh, how I love your killin' rages, redneck woman! That link was funny as hell - thanks for putting it up. I am off to buy presents for the Angels Program with my daddy, it is one of our Christmas (not holiday, Christmas, yes I am part Jewish and I still say Christmas - we are not all evil people on a quest to stamp out Christmas) traditions. Then I will treat my daddy to lunch as it was his bday last week. Have a good day,and try not to kill anyone! But if you do, I know lots of good lawyers.

FeyRhi said...

Thank you so much Jen!! That was the funniest thing I heard in a long time and after this week, I needed a good laugh.
I'm off to find myself a big F'n glass of wine and do some venting myself.
**gently placing a big box of Godiva chocolate down and backing away slowly**

Angela said...

LMFAO!! Jenn that was hysterical! Thanks for that!