Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Do you hear what I hear?

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All the Wayyyyyy!!!!!! Q's the Ho, she just don't know, I'm gonna make her payyyyy!!

Ok, I won't, but I mean, it rhymed. Tomorrow is the 1st of December. Christmas is the season. But for what I ask?

I figure, hey, tis my blog, tis the season, I can get up on my soapbox decorated red and green just special like for the holidays.

However, December the 25th, is the reason for the seaon i.e. the spending of money. Christmas Presents are NOT holiday gifts. If you celebrate Hanukkah, kewl, Quanza, kewl (I can't spell, don't shoot me) but don't attempt to obliterate my favorite holiday CHRISTMAS by calling it by this generic name of Holiday. It's not a holiday tree, it's a Christmas Tree.

Deal or piss off. Southerners like Christmas, we eat, we start fires, we have a good old time. We have guns, don't take attempt to take our Christmas, or YOU could be covered in paper, bows and string, but, no pretty colors, sorry, body bags tend to be kinda bland dontcha know.


Karen said...

Take your Christmas I will, southern hodiddly! There will be NO joy in Jennville, not even a roast beast! Hahahahahahaha, I will take your last can of Jenn Hash and laugh my ass all the way back to civilization!!!! Ho ho ho, INDEED!!!

FeyRhi said...

I couldn't agree more Jen!
December 25th is Christmas just like
December 21 is Yule (or solstice)
and the others have their own special dates as well.

I get so sick of all this PC bulls**t. Which has us all tiptoing around eachother in case we say Happy *whatever* and that particular person doesn't celebrate it. It's not like I walk around with my religion stamped on my forehead (ouch)

So when someone wishes me Happy (insert favourite date) then I take it in the festive way it was given and wish them the same back. Geez since when was the law passed that you can't wish someone Happy (again with the insertion) If you don't celebrate it exclusively.

I like the idea of celebrating them all. You gets more good food that way *BG*

Mechele Armstrong said...

Yep I agree. *sigh* can't imagine it being a holiday tree, not a Christmas Tree.

Angela said...

I worked as a nanny for a Jewish family one year. They got a tree that year saying they wanted to make me feel at home. (I had just moved from MN to CT) Thing is, I wasn't allowed to call it a Christmas tree and I couldn't play any Christmas music if I was around their children. *rolling eyes* These people barely even celebrated their own faith and never went to Temple. So with much enthusiasm, I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!! *G*

Karen said...

Speaking as someone from a blended religion family (Mom is Jewish, Dad is RC) let me just speak up for my people, please. We are not all on a quest to stamp out Christmas! The Jews have a hard time around Christmas, especially when their kids see all the Xmas splendor around them and wonder why there is no tree or fat man w/ gifts at their house. Just a menorah and some candles - this cannot compete with the magic of St. Nick. So my opinion is that some parents go to the extreme, trying to get their kids to buy into Hannukah unfortunately means that they avoid Christmas entirely. It's a shame, I know, and it can ruin fun things like Christmas pageants at our public schools and stuff like that. But if you think about how Jewish kids must feel around Christmastime, maybe it will make just a tiny bit of sense. I'm not advocating either side, I love Christmas, but my brother and his family celebrate only Hannukah, and yes, this makes me a little sad, but it is what it is. Merry Christmas, Happy Whatever! Karen

Jenn said...

No, Q all you would stamp out was stupidity. I can sort of understand how bad it could be for Jewish kid surrounded by the Christmas tree heathens. However, Adam Sandler said it all in the Hannukah song.. 8 crazy NIGHTS! And, I find that I am most jealous. According to Sandler, Spock's a jew too! Yeeehaw! All people are different, each family is different, some are more tolerant than others. Some are scary as hell (this would be mine) but still would welcome any person into the house as long as they bought some food with them (snort) a food that best include cheese if they know whats good for them.
I refuse to bow to anyone telling me I can't call it a Christmas tree, it's ridiculous. It IS that, and you and your family calling it that, just illustrates the goofiness of some people not wanting to offend someone that would otherwise not even notice the dang offense!
Once an offense is brought to my attention, I am the one that goes OMG really? All this time I was being insulted? wow, who knew? fftth. *hands out the chocy bells* have a good one, but I still like that damn Foamy the Squirrel cartoon. I admit to sounding like that when I get on a rant. LOL