Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Ho hum, and all that

So, what do you do when you just feel, eh. Not good, bad, happy, sad (that is a song I think) Just, eh. Well, if you're me, you go off and sit by yourself, and you think. This is not an involved process, it just is something I do every once in a blue moon.

Tonight it was brought on by anger. Not at people I know, and not even at a TV show I watched, well, indirectly, yeah.

Ok, I'm a Christian. I am one in the general sense that I believe in God and Jesus. However, that is getting harder and harder to say, in the places I frequent, publicly, privately and here lately, even cyberwise as well. When all that is shown, or even written bout a Christian is a harpy that will not listen to another's thoughts, views, etc, why should anyone listen to us.

I know all that warrior for Christ stuff, and I respect it. However, take lets take a look at the definition for Warrior, shall we?

One who is engaged in or experienced in battle.
One who is engaged aggressively or energetically in an activity, cause, or conflict.

Where does the word harpy, bitch and/or shrew play into that? I don't see it. Did you ever think that your words actions, and just the way you treat others would push someone away from the very thing you are trying soo hard (read loud) to get them to go toward? Well, yeah, think again.

Anyhoo, I am a good person, I try and respect other people's views. But it's getting harder and harder when MY views are not respected, when my opinions are not even heeded because the Banshee's for Christ have decided now is a good time to scream and release their religious vitriol upon the unwashed and uninitiated masses.

War.. to make war.. to win.. if you wish to win, you'd best change your strategies and quick like. At least make an intelligent argument for this put upon, much maligned, and yes, disgraced thing that used to be a wonderful place for my beliefs to rest. Now, it is getting harder and harder to agree with something that seems to hate everything else. WWJD? Hon, he' d probably tell you to use your INdoor voice at least. At buy a dictionary for heaven's sakes, educate yourself .. that my friends, is not a sin at all.

Contemplative... and grouchy



FeyRhi said...

When I was a kid, My parents used to change religions like some people change jobs but there were always within the Christian realm, so I have been exposed to almost every version of Christianity out here.

As as teen I researched a lot of different religions and as an Adult I still cannot say for certain where my beliefs lay. I now refer to myself as an ecletic pagan, it just seem easier because one thing for certain I no longer consider myself Christian.

Having said all that, and read what you wrote tonight, I just wanted to let you know that there are fanatics out there no matter what you believe in. I have met many that say they are Witches and think that all the Christian's in the world should be rounded up and burned at the stake. (Yea and two wrong's make a right when??)

I just wish that everyone could realize that beliefs and faith are very personal things. What works for me may not work for anyone else and no matter how loud I yell that isn't going to change anything.

Jenn you keep believing in what feels right in your heart and try (i know it's hard) to ignor those that never grew out of the need to belong to a clic or fear things they don't understand.

Just my humble two cents...well I may have rambled on for about 5 this time

Jenn said...

Oh, girl, I am with you. It was just so offputting to see that sort of viscious crap. And, I mean, it happens, but it doesn't happen as often as they portray it on tv and in the news. There are nice people out there, in all faiths. I am lucky to know quite a few myself. (hugs) Happy writing!!

Karen said...

Nice people? Really? Could you point some of them in my direction?? Haha, ty to you and the rest of the Moobahs for listening to me last night. Much appreciated!!!