Friday, November 25, 2005

Woohoo! Finish Line Crossed!!

Well, I did it! Finished the Nano for 2005.
I'd had a few setbacks, the first of which was of course finding the time to write during the holidays. Selfishly I stayed in my little room and typed like a demon to get all my stuff down out of my weird imagination onto the word processor.

Imagine my horror when she who shall not be named (psst, Meme!) brought to my attention that I had been uploading the wrong sort of file. I'd been congratulating myself, prematurely as it turned out, that I was only 1200 words from completing my goal of 50,000.

Imagine, if you will (its less painful than actually hearing it, believe me) my shrieks of horror and torment when upon figuring out what sort of file I was supposed to save, txt as opposed to rtf, that I had in fact, 12,000 give or take a few to go instead. Oh woe was me, oh woe was Nee, who'd been saving it to the same sort of file, as we have almost identical computers, dude, we got Dells.

ACK! THE HORROR THE HUMANITY ACK ACK ACK!! So, like a more insane and demonic typist (I'm pretty fast, you know, at least 160 wpm) I went at it.

And tonight or this morning rather at app. 12 am I did it! Crossed the finish line and got my banner and of course these icons which I had to save to be able to put into my side bar *points* I must brag, I must preen, I must do this for the others when they finish.

Also, note, the Q was first, she will be getting the bells from me, make no mistake in this. How dare she finish prior to me? I must be the first! I see her as a strangely Nickoldeon-ish chiuahahuah (spelling? GAH!) tapping away at the keyboard whilst laughing hysterically and drinking hypercaffeinated beans. I also see her doin it while wearing payless discount skippies, but that's just for spite, you understand.

The force is strong with her.. THE DARK FORCE! *breathes* What is thy bidding, Q mastah?

Anyhoos, have a good weekend, eat leftovers and above all, DO IT TIL YA WIN!

Nano Champion 2005,

Jenn (yehaw!!)
I might be a redneck, but I'm an educated redneck. (Ok, would you buy well read? How about psychotic? We have a winner!)


Karen said...

My bidding, young Paduwan, is for you to put my NaNo champeen banner on my sidebar as I am far too busy burning the *shudder* Payless skippies *gag, cough, gag* that you have cybershoved onto my dainty feets. Actually, I tried like hell to do it, and it just kept showing up as a box with the text in it and that little red X in the corner. Frustrated, was I. Help me, I beg of you. Congratulations, heathen redneck NaNo winner. Proud of you, I am.

Mechele Armstrong said...

Congrats Jenn!! That's quite an accomplisment. Brag!! You deserve to.

FeyRhi said...

Way to go Jenn!!! I just saw your beeeuuuttiiffuull purple bar on your counter. WooHoo Congratulations!! Hopefully I won't be too far behind you.
7,876 words to go. *BG*

Mary Stella said...

Way to go, Jenn! You did far better than I.