Monday, November 14, 2005

My take on the hero.


For quite a while I've harbored a bit of a jones for this man. His name is Aaron Kwok. The star of a long running RP series I wrote, and a major player in quite a few of my more, mm.. well, never mind that.

Is there just someone you see that grabs your notice each and every time? And if so, what is it about them that makes you say OOOH BABY!

I'm a writer, maybe I dabble in it, or maybe its an obsession, either way. I've come to the conclusion that there are archetypes of characters that I like.

I, being a laywoman am not really familiar with the real terms for them, however, I do have lovely examples.


1. Batman: This hero is dark and broody. Tormented by an incident in his past that drives him to do the things he does. Usually, he is a hero, albeit the dark horse of the piece. Sometimes, however, the Bat turns bad, but he's always deliciously complex and compelling. Love the Bat (My favorite vamps are almost always Batmen)

2. Superman: Also a bit tormented, but more wholesome and also apt to seek counsel for his torment. He's open and honest and sweet, with a noble streak a mile wide. However, don't be fooled by his all American charm, he can be deadly if riled. Cops characters are good examples of the Man of Steel, even if they only have the tin badge. (the Buns of Steel are nice too btw *grins*)

3. The Cowboy:Why Blake Shelton? Why the hell NOT is the real question. He's not your usual comic book hero, but there are some famous ones in movies. The most notable is Captain Kirk who rode a huge spaceship/stallion through the Final Frontier. He was a stun-gunslinger but hey, move with the times, right? However, that green girl, well, that's just wrong. Sorry Jim. I am and will always be your friend, but that's just gross.

A subcategory of this hero is:

4. The Pirate: Argh! Johnny, yeah baby! The bad boy, insane, fun-loving, good for a laugh and a hot tumble on the high seas. (Or deep space) Privateers were sexy too. Jean Laffite is one of the prime examples. Captain Jack Sparrow, was at least to me, much better than old Will was any old day. Give me the noble bad boy. Only, make him use a toothbrush first because he'd do a green bitch too if he could find her. Hello? Mermaids? Ew!

Han Solo, Mel in Lethel Weapon and Gambit fall into this category.

5. Sabertooth: Bad ass wicked kitty man from the X-men. He's one of the most openly sexual characters Marvel/DC et al ever had the balls to create. All those women running around in skimpy, tight spandex with big gravity defying boobs and did they get a wolf whistle? Not even a wolvie whistle, for shame Logan! But Sabertooth, exudes testosterone and made the remarks all the teenaged boys were thinking when they bought those comics. He's a sexy beast. And if he could be tamed... Okay, just a little because too much would change him into ..

6. Wolverine: He's hot, mysterious, broody and though he's hairy as all get out, strangely sexy. Despite that seriously 80's hairdo, I'd boff the wolvie. (Hugh Jackmon, look out!) He misses being Batman by () that much. The difference is this: he's an animalistic bastard that runs wild, howls at the moon and goes a little crazy once in a while. Hell, he's me in the throws of PMS. But, seriously alpha with just enough of a soft side for you to know he wouldn't chew off your arm if you fell asleep in his bed.

There are many other characters, some combos of the above. But these are my favorite Alphas.

Beta and Gamma are another story.

7. Snape, Spock and yeah, ok, Johnny Depp in a lot of his damn movies, are good examples of Gammas. Methos from Highlander fits in there too. Women find them sexy for various reasons. Usually what they project onto the character. As in, Spock was sexy, despite or perhaps because of his lack of emotion. Women say they want a man in touch with his feelings. Bullshit, they want strange and quiet men with the ability to lift one eyebrow and say, "Fascinating." in a shitty, superior way.

8. Beta: Bones off Star Trek was one, he reacted to the situation, as in "OMG Jim! Have you lost your rabbit assed mind? Green bitches? I know medicine's come a long way, but come on dude! Sheesh!"

Scotty was just the fixer, though, its been said a man who's good with tools beats any of these others hands down any old day.

9. Joker: The bad boy that still makes you snort milk out your nose. Harley loves him for a reason. He puts up with her sick ass self.

10. Magneto: Sort of a Spock, but a leader. He's an Alpha with an agenda. A bad ass, one who will get what he wants in the end.

The above ramblings are meant to represent my own opinions, if you don't agree, comment. If you do? You need a life, as you are as strange as me..

Trekkie forever



Karen said...

OK, I get all the XMen references, but for the love of God, when will the Star Trek stuff end? Who are these people??? Why don't they go the heck back to their weirdo, Nerdverse and stay there??? LOL, these are great, Jenn. Which one is the Viggo? The Aragorn Viggo, not the cowboy Hidalgo Viggo.

FeyRhi said...

What a great blog, I had a lot of fun reading it. I've always been a big fan of the tourtured hero. Big, bad, and scarey but inside that sexy as hell body, he hurts.

Wolverine is my favourie example. (I get some serious big lust bunnies from Mr Jackman too *G*) He and Adrian Paul's Duncan from Highlander are tops on the list of ones that make my knees go weak and of course my first fantasy love at the young age of 11 was of course ~Han Solo *the* cowboy for me

Batman and X Men's Gambit have been my fave's for comic book hero's I wish were real.

Jenn said...

Yeah girl, Han was the man, then he turned into Indiana Jones and was even better.

As for the woman that sips the Trek flavored hatorade up there. Yes,you Qbell I so know you are NOT talkin the smack bout Star Trek. Huz!! Jingle Jingle Darth LOVER!

Mary Stella said...

Jenn, this was such an entertaining blog entry. I loved your examples and guy archetypes!

Mechele Armstrong said...

Great examples of heroes.

I love the hero with the quirky humor. Like Methos from Highlander.

Course I almost didn't read past the picture of the Cowboy, Blake Shelton and pirate, Johnny Depp.