Thursday, November 03, 2005

Star Wars Saga Continues

Long ago,
in a blog not so very
far away...........

If you look in my archives, you will note that I did post on by blog about being a Star Wars widow. I may become a widow in truth if my husband watches this frickin movie one more time! Honestly, he has watched it four times in the 2 days he's had it!

I loved the first three movies (I mean the ones from the 70's and 80's) don't get me wrong. They were fun, actionpacked and filled with the most wonderous creatures that Jim Henson and George Lucas could think up. However, if I have to hear this squeaky little boy make a mockery of James Earl Jones one more time this week, I will become the Trekkie from hell and have a damn Spock-o-thon in retaliation!

Trekkies are much more intelligent in any case. We are more introspective, less apt to come at you with a large plastic glowing device that hey, has no redeeming value other than it's potential to put a damn eye out! And where in the hell is Han Solo? Sheesh!

Light sabers be damned! I didn't need any extras to play Star Trek, all I had to do was the Vulcan Nerve Pinch or if we were feeling really high tech, we had domino's as telecommunicators/stun guns. This was when we weren't playing Duke Boys or Cowboys and Indians, or just the 'Beat the crap out of our only boy cousin' game. (My all time fav btw)

Now, I must hear about Padme doing this and Anakin doing that. And the ONLY flippin part I enjoy is when he puts that mask on and says those fateful words.

"What is thy bidding, my mastah?"

GO DARTH YEAH IT'S JAMES EARL JONES AGAIN!!! WOOHOO! *blinks* What do you mean, that's the end? OMG! (Sorta like sex in my teen years pffth too much damn trouble and so not worth the risks)

Tomorrow is Friday, hope your weekend and mine is Dance free.


A dyed in the wool Trekkie and Proud of it!

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