Saturday, July 08, 2006

Feeding your Muse..

With good home cookin', some good old country fried evil covered in home grown mean. Moouahahha. Yeah yeah, you shut up. I love a good somebody done somebody wrong song just as much as the next hick, but damn it! A girl's gotta have an anthem to stand up and kick a man to the curb by sometimes you know.

That Sara Evans almost does it, but she tends to whine in that When You Where Cheatin. It gets on my nerves after a while.

But this Danielle Peck is heifer of a different color. I like it.. the other day when I finally FINALLY figured out that I no longer had VH1 Country after a week of this here CMT Pure channel with these 330 Sessions, which aren't half bad. This is my kind of reality tv if you must know. There is no real drama, all the singers are professional already, so I don't have to listen to crap I wouldn't subject my damn shower stall to and well.. I like country music singers, cause they're a real close family. (Hank come on and tell me why do ya drank?)

So, I'm watching this show and this woman comes on and starts out and says.. Ooohhhh and basically, blows me away. LOL. I sit up and go OMG! That is the song that they should have sang back when mama and daddy broke up! Jeez. There is one line in there that states most emphatically.. Jesus forgives you, I won't.. cause Jesus loves you, but I don't..

Mean huh? Surprised this spoke to me so much that I went to the Hellmouth and bought the CD? What do you mean you aren't surprised? Oh.. you know me that well huh? I'm not surprised either *grins* That's cool.. I got the Finding a Good Man song too.. and don't think I aint singing it at the top of my lungs right now.. hubby's closed my door and turned up the tv.. he has no hope of tuning me out..

Here's to you Danielle Peck.. for feeding my mean muse and making me smile. I'm so taking this CD to my mama for a listen. She'll love it too.. The mean lil apple dont' fall far from the tree yall.

Love ya,


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