Friday, July 21, 2006

Hubby may be insane.. but..

He is also pretty smart, sometimes. And, yeah, he's hawt too. Yall don't think I put up with that dang thermostat crap for nothing right? Riiigght.

Hubby's Blog He poses a pretty neat question on there. What sitcom would your life or at least your work life be?

Heck, my life is nuts so, I dont' know, I guess my work place is pretty cool. There's xrays bouncing all over the dang place, too bad we can't be the X-files(wipes off David Duchovny drool) and have these scary monsters creeping out of the closet at regular intervals. *pauses* Wait a dang minute, this is me we're talking about. No, that aint happening, they don't pay me enough. Yeah, and besides, my supervisor has a gun, the episodes would only last long enough for him or the Dr's to get to their trucks and say YEEEHAW THAT'LL LOOK GREAT ON THE WALL! KA-BLAMM!! Cue Commercial break, that's all yall!

So, what? Rednecks on Parade? I'd have to make up my own dang show. Sort of like Survivor or Rockstar, but with some extra bits.. I'll have to ponder on this. But, I still wanna be Latka's girlfriend. *wiggles brows* And Glamazon is still gotta be Elaine.. But they'd better put me in that cage thing of Danny Devito's character Louie.. mmm.

Dibby Dibby Dah


Mechele Armstrong said...

That is an interesting question. I'll have to think on that. Roseanne of course comes to mind LOL about my house because of the nutty hijinx LOL.

Maureen said...

LOL Roseanne came to mind for me too but being that i am livingin my parents basement at the moment, Fullhouse or The Cosby Show are up there.