Sunday, April 09, 2006

Breathe.. Just Breathe

Yes, it is real. It IS. *points* There is the cover for my first release.

Braless in the Buick is a romantic comedy, something I've been told I'm good at, the comedy, not romance. Who knew being called a smartalec all my teenaged years would lead to something so wondrous, so marvelous, so wow!

The story is about a single mom, trying to start over again in a new neighborhood with her son. She's got support, in her nosy neighbors who are more than a little bit inspired by some of my insane friends.

In fact, the whole thing came about because of another insane friend, who I picked on about an incident in her real life. I guess they're right, being a writer is taking things from your life and making them into a story that maybe, hopefully someone else will want to read.

Meet Allie and Jake, or ok, fine! First the supporting cast:Yes, Neeley, you are a wonderful president of the Neighborhood Inquisition, I mean, er.. Watch. Kay is THE Divine Diva of all that is trendy, Merry's the intuitive, supportive 'sweet' one. (yes, we laughed too) Sharlene is Jake's partner, quiet, scary and very good at being bad. And then there is Dana, the Sex Educator of the Soccer Moms. MJ, the son who wants his mom to be happy especially if the man is as cool as Mr. Donally. Will Allie forgive Jake when she finds out the real reason he's been hurking off her back porch? Do Allie and Jake have a chance at love with the above cast of crazies milling around? Do they have a choice is the real question..
Moms Gone Wild: The Early Morning Edition?
Allie was sure she was three different women. There was Public Allie and then there was Worry Wart, the phobia queen, each day she got a little louder. But there was also Inner Slut. She’d been asleep since college, but this guy woke her up with a vengeance.

Worry Wart squealed for her to run, run from the potential serial killer. Then Inner Slut suggested a few things she could do to make him holler instead. They involved chocolate syrup, whipped cream and if she wasn’t mistaken, a feather duster.

Inner Slut almost won the battle with the last little volley. It was a close thing for a minute there, but Worry Wart was a dirty fighter, plus she had Mrs. Lisbon on her side.

“Get in the car, M.J. I’ll handle Mr. Donally.” She intended to drive off before Mr. Donally reached them. She would bring him some money later, when she was properly dressed. But when she pulled her own door open all the papers fell onto the ground. “Well, shit!” She scrambled to pick them up.

“You broke my Bonsai.” He stood over her, looming like a vulture. Guilt swamped her at his hurt tone.

She started to stand, only to have his hand on her lower back stop her. “How dare you?”
“No, wait. You–.” He began but she didn’t listen, just pushed his hand away and reared up intending to give him a piece of her mind.

Unfortunately, she slammed her head on the edge of the door and lost what little mind she had left after this morning’s debacle.

Allie hit the pavement and waited for the stars swirling overhead to subside from her vision. A pair of strong hands picked her up and turned her over.

Mr. Donally lifted her as if she weighed nothing at all and part of her sighed over that. But then she remembered how stupid she’d looked and decided it was a fruitless fantasy, despite Inner Slut’s suggestions to the contrary.

Coming May 2006 from Champagne Books


Karen said...

I love it, I love it!! The cover is awesome, thank GOD there are none of those 'Sims' LOL and it looks KICK ASS! And yes, I am the Divine Diva of all that is trendy, and don't you freakin' forget it! Congrats a million times!!!

Jenn said...

OHOOO! Go Glamazon! Yes! Thanks soo much!

Jenn said...
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Adeline said...

That is awesome! Of course, now comes the torture of waiting for its release.

Angela said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm so excited and happy for you! I plan on buying it as soon as possible. *G*

Jenna Leigh said...

Thank Yall SOOO MUCH! (hugs) I may have another one coming from Champagne books soon, that's a continuation of these characters. *grins* I hope so!

FeyRhi said...

WooHoo!!! Looks great Jenna!! Got a special spot on the credit card all saved for ya! I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Congs Jenn, Love Jason, Jeanette, Jamie & Livie

Mechele Armstrong said...

I love it!! Nice cover and still love that excerpt. Yet, gotta a space all reserved on the credit card for it *G*