Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Local News

I am now a member of the Morehouse Parish Chamber of Commerce. Yes, me, the original anti-establishment redneck. I'm too southern to be a liberal, but I am surely not a conservative. However, I'm now in there with the others that do the tourist type stuff for the town of Bastrop and the parish as well. Why? Well, funny you should ask that question.

My agent, D (this is a joke, but she needs to receive a percentage) decides that I shall be doing a book signing because in her words, "This is an important thing for you. And you WILL be doing this." Take note, usually D is the sweetest of people. However, like most of sweet people, she can also have a tizzy when the occasion calls for it. So, with the help of a wonderful lady in another department, A, the two of them go whisper in a corner and look at me while I am working.

As I am a paranoid soul, this doesn't sit well with me. I give them the crazy eye back, as this usually works. Not this time, they give me identically evil grins back, instead. *blinks* I am losing my touch! The crazy eye didn't work! I can hit someone with that and make em run. Yes, I mean C, who is evil and must be destroyed. T can live, not C. *coughs*

When I come out of my office (or cage as C, who must be destroyed calls it)they nab me and say, "Sign this this and this and shut up!" So, I sign and *gulps* I'm a member of the C of C. And I'm having a book signing in about a month or so, whenever my order of books comes in, I get it reviewed by a lady that works for Bastrop Daily Enterprise and she *double gulps* interviews me.

I am used to being the interviewer not the interviewee. It will be interesting to see how it is on the answering side of the Q and A.

OH DEAR GOD!! I just thought of something. What if ALL my relatives show up for the signing? I'm gonna need some more books. Hit me for a few more hundred!! Ok, fine, a thousand. *grins* Hey, sometimes, it DOES pay to be an inbred redneck with relatives coming out the woodwork. Oh, wait, er.. no.. er.. no. I'm gonna go and have a lie down. Yall have a loverly night!!

And yeah, I do hear that song in my head.

I'm a member of a country club
I do my drankin from a dixie cup..

Love ya,

Jenna Leigh
Who may be associated with the insane redneck that also posts on this board. Especially if the relations buy her..my books.

Mooohaahaahaha Bovinas Locinas, signing off.


Deb said...

Yeah just dont forget to tell me the date and time...and I shall make the supreme effort to be there. A weekend would be good you know.

Karen said...

Do airlines actually fly into the swamp, or would I have to rent a pickup truck and drive into Jennville? LOL, that is fabulous news and you already know how to create the perfect blend of 'aw shucks' humbleness and 'I'm a promo whore' that will sell you many books.