Monday, April 03, 2006

Did I mention Deb's Evil? I didn't? weelllll mm!

20 years ago-ish I...
Was in high school
2. Dated a damn dopehead idiot
3. Spent a lot of the time wasted and listening to metal music

10 years ago-ish I...
1. Was a single mom2. Had a ‘friend’ with bennie’s *grins*
3. Was a cafeteria lady

5 years ago-ish I...
1. Remarried
2. Moved to another city
3. Got a new job; oh, it sucks too. Pah
3 years ago-ish I...

1. Starting writing for an RP group
2. Got sucked into it
3. Discovered that maybe I am pretty damn good at it.
1 year ago-ish I...

1. Thought hey, I might as well do this shit for a profit and not for free
2. Sent in the first submission..
3. Got accepted WHOOOT!

So far this past year I...
1. Been offered a contract to publish a story
2. Got offered a 2nd then a 3rd contract
3. Have been freaking out ever since.

Yesterday I...
1. Had the Fever
2. Cried watching old ass Country Music tunes
3. Read a book..

Today I...
1. Wrote a review
2. Worked my ass off and wondered why I have not switched jobs yet (ditto Deb)
3. I stayed at work despite the fever of 100 degrees (they so owe me I hope they catch my damn cooties)

Tomorrow I will...
1. Get up and do this shit again.
2. Make sure Bill gets my damn ciggies and my meds..
3. Be one fucking day closer to .. Yeah, you guessed it, FRIDAY! WHOOHOO

In the next year I will...
1. Get more of my work out there
2. Maybe write some under a pseudonym
3. Will WRITE lots of hot sweaty sex (less messy more profitable)

In the next minute I will tag...
1. Meme
2. Mila


Deb said...

Yes..I am EVIL dammit...but you still love me...maybe since your off writin all the time now...I shall take my plan off its dusty shelf and take over the world once and for all!!! HA!

Karen said...

Evil she is and now with a web site to further her plan of world domination. Just figure out how to work the damn thing LMAO. I have completed my tag mission as well, so there.

Mary Stella said...

You all want dominion over the world? Find. Take it. You can't do a worse job than the people who currently run countries. *g* Just make sure that I have an endless supply of chocolates and do something about global warming.