Friday, April 07, 2006

So, Friday comes along and..

I've been looking forward to it all dang week, you know? But, Murphy is apparently a redneck and he loves to visit me.

Case in point....

We let the daughter drive, therefore, as I'm shortest, I get to be in the backseat. Fun!! Ok, so, I'm reading and lying down, as I'm lazy and tired and have had a week from hell. Anyhoo, we get to the mall to pick up the hubby's glasses and I feel it.. the dreaded sensation of leaving reality behind for what I call.. Seizureville.

Yeah, I lost it. I began to see things, hear things, smell things that just don't exist outside the strange twisted existance that only crops up from time to time for me. I take meds for this problem, but lately, they aint' working out.

This entire week, I've had a lowgrade fever and combined with the time change, this has thrown me off my game. So, there ya go. Me in the back seat, hubby in the front, daughter driving, all of us freakin the hell out. Especially hubby. Mo's just driving the car. Me? I've gone into that special la la land reserved for me where I speak perfectly clear in my head, but what actually comes out my mouth is more along the lines of Martian via The Redneck Star.

My head spins, my eyes flicker, the world tilts and then.. blackness. Utter and complete darkness that no light can penetrate. Only the soft, soothing sound of my hubby informing that he has everything under control and it's all gonna be alright. *snorts* It would help if he wasn't havin a cow at the time too.

But, there ya go.

Then, I wake up and it gets a bit comical as I am singing some song that only makes sense to me, I cuss out the passing cars on the highway loudly.. and perhaps shoot them a sign or two with my hand. They call my mother on me (gasps) how dare they? She fusses, I fuss back (cringes) and then, I don't really remember if I even said goodbye. I think my stepfather was even called at some point. With those two, who knows?

And then, there is Walmart, as I am so not leavin town until groceries have been bought.

Note: the Hellmouth and I don't get on in the best of times, but hey, going through it in the throws of post seizure drunk is not so damn bad. I don't recall but about 1/4 of it, I didn't kill anyone, they even let me push a buggy, tho, I now recall they kept a hand on it with me at all times. I wonder if perhaps they thought I'd run peeps over. Nah, not me. I'm the sweetest thing all the time. *snickers*

Hell, I just hope I didn't cuss anyone out in the Hellmouth.. if I do that, I want to remember it clearly and with much relish.

Then, we came home and I took a three and a half hour nap only to wake up to Degrassi Jr High or what the hell ever it is now. Sheesh.

*sighs* So, here's to a f*cked up Friday. *holds up her meds and a cup of coffee*

Jenn, who would have been burned as a witch in olden days.. *pauses* Sometimes, it's still a close thing. Too bad for them that Rednecks don't burn well. Bar B Q'd Redneck .. nah, if you have some pork though, then we'll talk.

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Karen said...

Ack - I wouldn't have let them burn you, as I probably would have been of the nobility or some such, don't you know. "Burn her not! Forsooth, a pox on all of you! Bring her forthwith to my castle and we shall feast on Twinkies (for you) and Trader Joe's Banana Crisps (for me)!" Sorry you had such a shit day but it can only get better from here. Like, that whole ARC thing, for instance??? Love the dedication :) muah