Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Uh, publicity?

Do you see that picture? *points* That's me. I know that I aint an ogre or nothing, but seriously, I don't have the face and form ready for prime time! Sheesh!

So, imagine my surprise (read shock, angst and horror) when my coworkers begin to smirk at me. I corner the weakest link (yes, Debbie, YOU) and ask her, what's the deal?

She smirkily replies.. We're getting you interviewed by the local paper aaannd.. she pauses for dramatic effect (oh, yeah, it did work) a book signing.

*takes deep breath* Ok! well then.. er.. I thought I had it bad with my mama standing up in her work place home of many kith and kin of my hometown and screaming 'MY BABY IS GETTING PUBLISHED YALL!!' at the top of her lungs. This loud (I do get it honest) statement was followed by the taking down of the website

http://www.champagnebooks.com/ with pens and papers. *gulps*

Now then, that's fine. Mama loves me and she is entitled to brag as she pushed me out her hoohah thirty *mutter mutter* years ago. Not that she felt it or nothing cause she unlike myself got the good drugs PFFTH!

Anyhoo, so er.. Debbie et al are going to do a book signing for me in town. Nothing big or anything, but I'm sort of floored, freaked and yeah, humbled that they all love me this much. One of the insane radiologists is helping to set that up too. I'm gonna cry you know, they're gonna make me cry and then, well *sniffs* I dunno what's next.

However, try to explain to those that don't deal with it often, the difference between epress and print.

It goes like this:

Me: You can buy the cd and read it on the computer, Mama.

Mama: I can read it on the computer? What do you mean read it on the computer? I ain't readin on the computer, you are gonna fix it so I don't have to right? Make the print really big too. Send Morgan to the house, she'll fix it!

Me: Yes, Mama.

Mama: I mean it, REALLY BIG! My eyes are NOT going bad, my arms are getting shorter.

Me: *smothers laughs as she doesn't want a wuppin* Urm.. yes.

Mama: Is this DIRTY? I am not sure I can read dirty stuff.

Me: Yes it's dirty really smutty and nasty and all. (no it aint but she is insane and it is way fun to aggravate her)

Mama: You nasty wench.. *snickers evilly*

Me: I told yall I got it honest, and now you all know.. *sighs*

Mama: Are you talking to people about me *looks out onto the cyberworld and blinks* YOU ARE! Just wait til I get my hands on you.. mmhmm. I am gonna tell your Aunt Cindy on you too.


So are the days of my life in the spotlight of my family, friends and God only knows who else before the things done.

Now, while I'm on the subject of family, I'd like to thank my daughter, Momo for making me a really kewl banner out of my cover. She's the best. I can't put it up here as it moves and shakes, but you can look at it on my website, the links over to the right.

Have a good one! And today is humpday for me. It's all downhill from here! WHOOHOO!

On second thought though, if each relative buys a book, I'll be a flippin millionaire, ok, a thousandaire. *grins*

Jenn, Proud to be a Redneck


Karen said...

Why did you not speaketh of this booksigning earlier on this evening whilst we were chatting? You cannot see me, but I am giving you THE FACE.

Deb said...

Yes...I am wonderin why I have not heard this bit of news either,...as I am the closest to your town and can drive over to get my book signed...sheesh...and of course to harass your ass and tell all them people the stuff they DONT know..

Btw...your pic is be-u-ti-ful...love you

Jenn said...

Pulellllleeze! Yeas, i want yall to come to Bastrop to see me, uh huh baby.. LOL it's nothing definite yet.. for real!

Mary Stella said...

You're beautiful, Jenn! Don't argue with me, young lady.

I'm so pleased for you with your interview and booksigning. Way to go!

Mechele Armstrong said...

You are beautiful! If I lived closer, you know i'd be there. Regardless will be cheering you on Missy! WTG!