Monday, April 24, 2006

I sorta kinda maybe did good.

LOL. Yeah, I may be sure about that statement. Don't quote me on it though. I entered the contest of a wonderfully generous author named, Angela Knight. She ran it on her yahoo group just because she's that nice. She's also one of my all time favorite authors, bar none. So, she put up a contest and I entered and damn if I didn't get second.

Second is damn good! I didn't even think I was going to place, not with all the wonderful people that entered as well. Heck, some of the people I speak with personally almost every single night are better than I am, at least, I think they are.

But, then again, they say the same about me. I mean it, so, I guess they do too. That brings me to the real subject of my blog.


Yeah, I ain't talkin about panty hose, this is NOT a certain insane Russian's blog about pantyhose, dammit. *snickers about that* I mean literary, critical, and yeah, emotional support.

What do you when you need a friend to tell you that you do not in fact suck big rotten eggs? You IM them and whine until they say "FINE YOUR STUFF IS GOOD NOW LEAVE ME ALONE AND GO WRITE!" That would be Nee.. she's soo sweet, lil cheerleader she is, in a pink skirt no less. Yes, I said the p word, dear. MOOUAHAHAHAHAHAH.

Or if it's Karen, she gets all prissy with you and tells you to get real and deal. Love that insane Glamazon especially when she's to quote her, "gettin mushy" LOL

Meems? The one that will actually be sweet to you. She says all the right things and what's more, sincerely means em. Heck, she loves me, I dunno why. Just lucky I guess. Or else she's done somethin reeeally bad in a former life.

Kitta makes this cat face at me over the internet. I can actually see it you know. I'm cyberpsychic or something. The face says only this: "Don't make me come all the way over there just to smack you in the head. If you do, you will be SO sorry. I shall bring hobbits instead of Aragorn." Ok, the last, she wouldn't say, but she'd probably bring me one of those dang mutated grasshoppers they have over there called Wetas. Google em, go ahead, you'll freak just like me. Bugs shouldn't be that large. Jimminy Cricket took steroids aack!

As for my other loverly friends, Mila, WF, The Debster, Livvinator, and so many others I cannot even name them all, they tell me I ain't too shabby. Do I believe it? Eh, maybe. LOL

I hope that readers will like what I do, because, hey, that's what matters. I made you laugh, made you cry, sigh, or say dang baby, ain't it time to go to bed yet? sortsa things. Any of these will make me happy.

Yall have a good one, and lets just not have any more Mondays, like ever!!


Still not in w/the insane redneck who shares this blog. That woman's nutters. I swear, she ran from a dog today that was no bigger than her foot. What a wuss! *grins*


Deb said...

Oh please woman...your shit is good, dont make come down to swampland please...if I could write half as well as you I would be flyin hush it

Karen said...

Prissy? Me? I beg to differ. And mushy is even worse. You're good, you know it, now get your ass off the blogs and WRITE. Oh, shit, I suppose I could take that same advice myself, huh? Congrats on the win!