Friday, September 30, 2005

Thank you Ms. Starla Childs for my bubblebath materials!!
I got a box in the mail, much to my hubby's envy. It has a strange name on it, I am clueless as it has been more than a day since I won this!! LOL

But when I opened it, I was waaayyyyy happy!

Pearberry..mmm... soaps and smellums.. I shall smell of sweet berry goodness this night..
Ms. Childs is a wonderful writer please visit her site for any and all info. (shameless plug LOL)

Ms. Childs is also my writing mentor. Out of the goodness of her heart she puts up with my bs and helps me out. (See? No comma splice there!)
Her gift has become part of my weekend jammie plan. NO, not Jammin Weekend.. JAMMIES!

Add in a purple comfy shirt.. yum.. Purple is a royal color. I am Jenn the Jammie Princess, there is a connection in this. I am certain!!

Then put on a pair of flannel jammie pants. EEYORE IS A MUST!!

Love jammie weekends, love the fact I ain puttin on the clothes for the WHOLE ENTIRE WEEKEND NYAH NYAH NYAH!!

Jammie On Yall!!
Weekend 1


Thursday, September 29, 2005


It's All Good Yeeehaw!!

I love a good Friday.. I want it to wizz by and at that same time, I don't want it to end at alll!!

Jumping Jacks Friday is gooooooddd!!

Now, lets all just have an uneventful weekend, shall we? No bad weather, no silly FEMA antics, or the Doubleya dude pissin us off. I am gonna stay in my jammies and write like a little feind.

Have a good one!

Jennzilla, Queen of Fridays

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Who could resist this face I ask you?
Apparently not ME! Pouty
I am at work today. Hubby calls with the standard. "You ridin home with Debbie?" (she is a whole other story which invovles a Jenncoined term 'D-forces from the speed with which she gets me from point A to point B ahem)
"Yes, I am." I answer, nicely for a change. I say that because hubby has the world's worse timing for calling me. I mean, I think he has a flippin camera that he uses to see when I am the most busy to call me to talk the shit.
DH: "Hey, what you doin?"
Me: "I am workin'!!" Mean (Not only do I look like that, but I also sound like that)
DH: "Mm, you gotta ride?"
Me: "YES! Now, lemme go, the other line is ringing.. muah." I am still being nice, yall.
DH: "Oh, but but but.. wait!! I have to ask you. Do you think I should wear my orange shirt tomorrow?" WHAT? HE WANTS TO KNOW WHAT? I go a bit postal at this point.. insert the appropriate cursin here.
Anyhoo, today, he asks, am I busy.. I go, no, not right now. He says the five most dreaded words in the English language...
"Can I have a puppy?"
Not just any puppy, but the puppy he has wanted for like 20 years but will not get himself as they are about 12oo bucks a pop. Yep, the puppy at the top of this blog. Aint he cute? Awww.. sweeeet.. awww..
Dammit, I have been twitterpated!! Just .. GAH!!

Heart Eyes

I shall love him and kiss him and Bill is gone name him.. JABBA? Jeez! Darkside much?

And they call it puppy love, *snort*


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I am not a blogaholic.

Dayam he's hot. I suppose I am a hunkaholic though. I mean, I don't wanna like sleep around, I am perfectly happy w/the hubby. But sometimes, you just have to look at a dude like this and go shaaaaah! that is one fine hunka hunka hottay.

The point of my blog today? Eh, who the hell remembers in the face of such slurpishly sexiness? I like alliteration, can yall tell? Thought so.

I am not writing at the mo. Have been sidetracked by other business, reading books for review, looking at ending an ongoing serial of RP post that I've been doing since 2003. I have had some of these characters a long time. They are my friends, in a way. They have sure made me some friends, at least. But now, thanks to that silly crusadin woman, I am gonna chuck em all.

Ack you say? Well, I doubt you say it, they aren't that important in the scheme of things. I have used them though, for my own growth as a writer. I have come a long way baby and not just with a pack of Va. Slims either. When I first started RPing it was on a site based on the characters and world of LKH. I love her and her writing, but the people I rp'd with all sort of, went in another direction.

Therefore, I went somewhere else. To one based on one of the sweetest, most prolific of writers, Sherrilyn Kenyon. Based on her series the Dark Hunters, this loop is one huge undertaking of differing viewpoints, artistic temperments clash with alarming frequency on this thing. I am pretty much known for writing freaky, insane, laughable posts that make you at least snicker. I've done more serious ones, but they are not as well received. Once a clown, always a clown? Mm, yeah, probably. That's all well and good, I do a good clown.

But, what many don't know is I also have another set of characters, ones they don't even suspect are me. LOL. Sounds like multiple personality disorder huh? Close, but naw. Just a creative outlet for a girl that would otherwise not do dick with her limited talents.

But the great AG, well, she deserves a thanks, at least, for inspiring, er spawning so many of the characters I love. My own, and others. Here is hoping that one day, I have a RP game about one of my books.. *blinks* LMFAO! that was way too freakin funny for words. *snort*

Talk to yall later. Right now, I am entertaining.. delusions of grandeur.

The yet unpublished writer,


Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Wind is High but I'm Holdin' On.

Sounds like a Blondie tune huh? Windy

The wind is high, but I'm holdin on
I am ready for Rita to be gone..
La la la laaaaa!!

We are fine, so far.. but the wind is getting hinky. I am signing off in a few. I am gone curl up with a book. Heather Graham's Ghost Walk. Kewl so far, set in New Orleans, which is a bit bittersweet seeing the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Later tater, bye fryand all that crap. See ya on the flip side, etc.


Friday, September 23, 2005

Does this make me a sub?

I did it. I really freakin did it!! OMG. I am going to hurl.
I submitted my first ever proposal to an actual publisher. I am going to pass out now. Yes, I believe I am entitled to pass out, right? I mean, right? RIGHT???

In the immortal words of Charlie Brown..


As for the picture on the right, I figure the Doctor will say for me to take two of him and call in the morning. *sighs dreamily* Doc will say it because I am his secretary and I am the evil guardian at the gate. He knows who keeps the irritations at bay. He also knows I am a major irritant in my own right. So, on his orders.. I shall just look upon Yon Blue Eyes there and drool on my keyboard, if this causes me to get a bit of an electrical shock, is all good. I am sure I need the therapy after the week I've had.

Now, because I need to say it and I may as well do it here in public.

Oh, I won't name names so, don't worry, you do know who you are though.

I have had it brought to my attention that I am not a very good friend. I'm not, I freely admit it, I am thoughtless, careless and goofy. But on the plus side, I am a loyal and loudmouthed bitch that will have your back if need be.

I just don't remember birthdays, anniversaries, etc. not even my own sometimes. I love a lot of people, but not very many in any deep and abiding way. My husband, sure, my kid, hell yes. But others? I don't know if maybe it is a defense mechanism of being hurt so damn much and yeah, betrayed by someone close to me (relative wise) that makes me do that. I just sort of have this wall that protects me from things, and its my wall, I have spent 30 some odd years building it. It aint goin down no time soon, unlike the levee in NOLA.

I am not an emotionally demonstrative person either. Not even to my own family. I don't call my mother often enough, I don't ever call my kid brother unless like now, I am worried about him during this yet another bad storm. Kids are ok, in small doses, I am a total cat person, the dog is too demanding of affection.

Rita the PITA is just gonna plow right through the states of LA/TX/ARK I guess. Crap, as if we needed more disaster. My emotions are all so wrapped up in that right now. But it is not an excuse for my somewhat sorry assed behavior.

So, any and all that read this blog. I am saying it now. Please do not send me anything, no gifts cards etc..., do not think of me when you see something and say oh, she needs that. I don't need anything, just a quick hello and/or goodbye once in a while. I cannot return the favor, and I feel guilty, so don't do it.

Love you all. And the one that opened my eyes to my shortcomings, yeah, I love you too. Never doubt it, just know, I have my limitations that I am very much aware of, even more so after today.

Have a good Friday everyone. Please be safe.

I am as always,

Just Jenn

I Know

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sunday in the Park

Today we went to the park to help feed the evacuees. The area churches do it through the week and different people take it up on the weekends. This weekend, we were all slated to go. My coworker's hubby did most of the leg work, asking for and getting donations from area businesses.

We had a bbq, and while it was good, I am wondering if those poor peeps aren't getting tired of grilled food. I mean, outside cooking is going to be grilled. Men are grill kings for the very reason that they get to start fires, usually in a grill they've made or customized, and cook over it. They get to show they are adept at both wielding (the grills) hooking up some sort of smoking contraption, and cooking thereby beating us girls out on all counts.

But, back to the people. I have found them all to be friendly, sweet, wellmannered and grateful. I don't expect perfect behavior, hell, they've been uprooted, they are going to be a bit grumpy. But they were nice, they talked about their experiences, laughed, joked, cut up and packed away their trash when done.

Sounds like a family reunion to me, only nobody got into a fistfight, therefore, they beat out my realitives right there! Heck. I don't want them to feel like guests, I want them to feel like family, it's what they are. They are temporarily family to all of us, it's how you have to treat them, how you have to look at it.

The children were shy, at first, but we got them out of that. My hubby lured the boys to his table with the promise of free comics. He'd gone through his collection and picked out those he thought appropriate for their age groups. There they all sat, yakkin about X-Men and Spiderman and whoever else he'd picked out to bring.

He was embarrassed that I told my friends, heck I was bragging on him. Bill is a wonderful man, he empathizes with others so much better than I do. While I hurt for the people that are here, a part of me shuts off to deal with it. He doesn't have that ability, it seems. He was worried about them all living out there. Some of them were telling him they weren't going back, they had nothing to go back to, they said.

They had their puppies, their kids, their little keepsakes. I am just terrorized by what I'd have left behind; all those memories, pictures, things that mean something to me, left to the flood waters and looters.

I know people have complained about the behavior of the refugees. My experiences have all been fine, so far. Like I said, family. Then again, hell, my family is something else. LOL.


I am tired from the heat. Night!


Saturday, September 17, 2005

Literary lessons learned.

Synopsis or is it synopsi? ffth are not as hard to do as I first thought.
Correction, a synopsis is not as hard to do as I thought, IF you do them prior to writing the story.

Yep, I plotted. Whistle

A small time out is needed here. I am what is called a pantser. This means, I write from the seat of my pants. Or I pull it out of my ass, however you wish to put it. You know the one I use right? If not, see the previous posts for a small clue.

However, now, I have plotted something. And *leans forward to whisper* I liked it..

EEEEEEK!!! Shocked

Please note, that this is a huge admission for me the woman that believed that writing is a creative process that must flow from the mystical muse river of consciousness or some such crap. I am a free spirit, an ad libber, typing where the notion takes me, and usually, if I must say so myself, with darn good results. I always slightly envied those that said they plotted their stories beforehand, but pooh pooh'd it as not my thing, I just ain't built that way.

Ha! Ha I say! I plotted, and it flippin worked! The horror, the humanity, the humiliation of it all. I was wrong, I admit it freely. Now, I am off to do query letters and finish the rest of my short story. Romance aint dead, yall. It's alive and well and kicking within the confines of my plotted, sweet, funny, and yep, pretty darn spiffy story.

Stayed tuned, next week's installment

WushuJenn proves that the pen is mightier than the sword.


Scared 1 Plot? What Plot? I don't have no stinking plot!!

Beware of muses bearing chocy, simply send them all straight to:

Chocolate Valentine


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Oooh.. Hump Day.. pah

I have been remiss in updating my blog according to the hot teacher lady, Karen Bow Down Please forgive me!! LOL

Anyhoo, small nibbles on the publishing front. I am keeping it close to my vest for now. I am also doing the squealing mimi's... aaaaaaaaugh!

All are fine here, the evacuees are settling in, in fact, we are slated to provide a dinner for them on Sunday, so I will get to meet them face to face. I am going to cry, I know it now. I have all my clothes to get ready and take out there. Surely there is fat ladies that need clothes. I also have some sweat pants that are mens and ladies. Yippee..

Not much more to post, other than the usual blahs of the day to day grind..

But I updated my blog, so Karen won't pinch me! Are you happy woman?

Much Love,
Peace Sign
Peace out,

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Mandatory Evacuation Means What Exactly?

Imagine the streets of New Orleans empty. It boggles the mind. First Street, Magazine, Bourbon, all of those that you know of are going to be void of people.

Well, yeah, supposedly... however, look at that rooftop proclamation to the left. I know the spelling is off, (It is called redneckese btw) but the message is the same. New Orleans will be back.

Bigger? I doubt it, better? No, I don't think it could be better, all the age and history washed away is what made it such a rich place to me. But cleaner, definately. I am not as germophobic as I make myself out to be, not really. But I am aware of them more than the average girl.

SicklyIt is a product of my upbringing: My meemaw with her lysol, purex and pine oil to kill the germs, she believed lurked waiting for their chance to attack is the cause of it. However, there isn't a day that goes by you don't hear about a new resistant strain of somethin or other. I just like to think she was before her time. I'd like to think Lysol misses her now that she'd passed away, but I doubt it.

No In any case, the germs are breeding down there as we speak. People are being forced out for their own good. I am sure that will be another thing to blame the gov for, but hey, I'd rather save a few and have em pissed than let them die.

Bubble Bath So, til they get it cleaned up, they all need to leave. I imagine its hard to leave behind all you've ever known and go somewhere else. But e. coli doesn't play, nor does hepatitis and more than likely some new disease they will end up callin the Big Easy Bleck or something. Wash up, keep safe.

I myself am sick today. I do not think it has anything to do with the hurricane, I mean it's possible that a nomadic skeeter or a bird has come up here and given me the icks. But it's highly unlikely. Just a summer cold that has me down.

My aunt is goin down with State Farm and my stepfather is as well, he works for the electric co. I know he has to get shots beforehand, I just hope they work.

Splish splash

Bath Tub


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Fever ramblings.

My hubby is weird. He drew this, btw. He has a few drawings inspired by the beloved N'awlins. The darker, seedier side that always appeals to the wilder parts of our natures. The danger that made our pulses quicken when we read Anne Rice's wonderful literary photos of the town.

You have to say this for her, she didn't cull any part of the town. She embraced it all, from the trashiest section to the most posh.

New Orleans to me was always like a big old piece of ripe fruit. It tasted good, heavy, sweet, potent, almost fermented, making you drunk off its juices. But you had to be careful of the bites you took, there was a rotten part hidden beneath. But even that part was beautiful in its own way.

When I was a kid, we went, mama and me. We walked around to all the sights and into one of the churches. A small note: I am a Southern Baptist, we don't have statuary in our churches. So, it came a shock when we walked in, awe inspiring, the color, the saints up in the niches on the walls. I don't even remember the name of the church, but I still remember the art. That is what I thought of it as. Art.

NOLA inspires artists of all kinds, poets, painters, writers, songwriters you name it, there is something about that town in all those categories, some are overrun with New Orleans. For one, books, there are more books based in that town than Carter's got liver pills. If all those characters actually lived there, what a place it would be.

Lestat does live there, in my imagination, he always will. Along with the Mayfairs. I read a piece that Ms. Rice wrote in the paper, and while it was pointed, it was also eloquent. It made my heart ache for all that has been lost. All that is gone, washed out to sea.

But Lestat is still there, along with all the others that have been written down through the years. They are waiting in our imaginations, leaping off the page. And with a bit of work, the NOLA will come back. I firmly believe that, I have to believe that. For the people that love the city, for the people that are inspired by the city. For all of us, for Anne, for you, for me, and yeah, *grins* for Lestat.
Our evacuees are doing better. They are being helped out by our local churches and civic organizations. The Chamber of Commerce in Bastrop is taking all the donated items and disbursing them. However, I don't know about jobs, there are none to be had here at all. I am not kidding, employment sucks in this community.

Also, I got bitched out for calling them refugees at work. WTF? The woman can get off her high horse at me, she's nutters. (I am speaking of a coworker fpth) It doesn't matter if I call them evacuees or refugees, victims or whatever. I still call them this, people in need. By the time its all over, I am sure I will call them friends, and if nothing else, family.

Have a good day
It's All Good

Monday, September 05, 2005

Local news and other info.

From KTVE Region 10 news (Monroe LA) Please note: News is in Purple

Rumors of Crime Proven FalseFriday, September 2nd
But region 10 spoke with Monroe Police this afternoon and they said that not a single incident has happened with any of the evacuees regarding rapes, murders or stabbings. In fact, Captain Evelyn Robinson said that things are going very smoothly and they are very proud of everyone's cooperation. Robinson did say, however, that panic stricken Monroe/West Monroe residents are hurting police efforts by inundating dispatchers with calls about rumors. Robinson said, "We have seen an increase in call volume which keeps our dispatchers from doing what we need to do." Robinson urges residents to avoid calling police unless there is an absolute emergency. She says the rumors going around about lawlessness across the twin cities are just that...rumors.

Club Me 1 In other words, they aint running rampant in the streets with Tony's and Tobasco with which to season you for their cookpots. Cajuns ain't cannibals, no amount of pepper sauce would disguise the taste. They are just people, and scared of our insane asses probably.

Thursday, September 1st
Evacuees were invited to attend tonight's football game at ULM for free and were bussed by the dozens from the Monroe Civic Center to Malone Stadium. People who were there to just 'drink and have fun' also agreed that the game was a nice 'break' from the chaos on the news and in the paper. Ariana Harrison, an evacuee from Slidell, said, "Tonight we're just gonna enjoy the night and have a little fun," while she sipped on a cold beverage. Harrison also reminisced saying, "We don't know what we're going home to. We have no idea but I don't know. It's all in the Lord's hands." Another evacuee attending ULM's tailgating party at the Grove, Dennis Laughlin, said, "I'm in a good mood, I'm alive, my house is standing, it's got some damage, but I'm in a good mood." Encouraging words during such a discouraging time. Harrison reminds that almost everyone trying to
forget about the reality of Hurricane Katrina's wrath tonight is only making a hopeless attempt, "I'm thinking about it, it's always on my mind, but I'm gonna make the best of it."

BBQ Picnic Well, this is sweet, at least they are eating and socializing. Only here would we say "Hey! Yall come on let's git drunk off our asses and eat burnt cow! Woohooo!! Go Indians! Wooooohhoo!"
Tailgaters 1

Rolling EyesYes this is sarcasm!!! *snorts*

Anyways, LOL. They are being assimilated, you are aware of this right? We are gonna feed em, clothe em, and call em our own! It's just the way we are. Months from now, when they've gone home and rebuilt their lives, we will still say. Oh yeah, you remember her, Dee, she was from down in Slidell, but they were here over 3 mths, so she's kin now. And that is that, they are ours, and say what you will bout a redneck, yall, we damn well look after our own.

Ahem.. here are some links to help, as well, rednecks is po'.

These were taken off the site for the Monroe Paper
The News Star

Shelters **NOTE! All of the following numbers have an area code of 318

1) Monroe Civic Center:
At the 400 block of Lea Joyner Expressway.

2) Ruston Civic Center: Accepting evacuees with possible overflow being sent to the Memorial Gymnasium and its 200 beds at Louisiana Tech University. Some dormitories will be opened if the gym is filled.

3) University of Louisiana at Monroe: Fant-Ewing Coliseum is accepting special-needs patients with caregivers in conjunction with the Department of Health and Hospitals.

4) The Concordia Parish Community Center: Next door to the Concordia Parish Correction Facility on Louisiana 15 in Ferriday. For more information, call the sheriff's office at 336-5231.

5) Farmerville Recreation Center: 116 Cox Ferry Road; 368-6165.
Pets and livestock

6) Equestrian Pavilion:
Behind the Monroe Civic Center is accepting pets

7) Ike Hamilton Exposition Center:
is accepting larger livestock.

8) The Old State Farm Building is going to become a shelter as well.

Church shelters
The following churches in northeastern Louisiana also are providing shelter to hurricane evacuees:
Franklin Parish
Temple Baptist Church, Chase Baptist Church, Praise Fellowship Church, Crockett Point Church, River of Life Church, Baskin Baptist Church. For complete information, call the Franklin Parish Sheriff's Office, 435-4505

n Mangham
First Baptist Church

Monroe-West Monroe
St. Alban's Episcopal, First Baptist Church of West Monroe Weber Center

Harmony Baptist Church, Temple Baptist Church

Emmanuel Baptist Church (if the Ruston Civic Center overflows), Trinity United Methodist Church

Thanks so much for your thoughts and well wishes to these people. Any I see, I am sure to tell that all my friends are thinking of them!!!

Happy Labor Day


Sunday, September 04, 2005

Katrina's after effects **Caution: Violence and Rape discussed

Now that the hurricane is over, people are immigrating north. There have been a few, shall we say, growing pains.

In the Astrodome, a seven year old child was raped. I am praying for her.

In the Monroe Civice Center, a man was attempting to do the same thing to a 13 yr old. However, as a warning to any and all perverted bastards, the following happened: The other refugees took this man and killed him. Yes, that is vigilante justice, but sometimes, that animalistic part of you goes HELL YES! He needed killin. That would be one of those times.

Some of the refugees also followed one of the volunteers home and beat and robbed him. However, yet another warning, the police in this area are all rednecks, those men were none too gently apprehended and are now in jail.

Here in my small town, a woman's purse was snatched. And in a town 10 miles from here, even smaller, a house was robbed.

Why am I tell you all this? Well, because, despite all that, not all are this way. It is just that some people are, and they are the ones that will be newsworthy. Don't let the bad spoil your view of the good.

In the state park when a lady attempted to pay for her lodgings for the entire month, she was told, no, you will NOT be paying, ma'am, your money is no good to us. She cried in gratitude, making the manager cry, and all of us cry as well. See? Some are grateful, some are good, some are just plain scared and desperate. I do NOT condone violence, especially not rape. Nor, do I think robbing is the answer. But those people have been through a very traumatic experience, so please don't let a few bad apples spoil the barrel.

My friends are safe, the strangers I have met in my town are all friendly, if tired looking. I just offer them a smile and a "how yall doin?" welcoming them to my neck of the woods. I know they want to go home, I know they hate having to ask for anything from us. I don't mind the asking at all, they are the good ones, just don't TAKE.

So, we are all a little more wary, more apt to lock the doors while we are IN the house as well as when we leave it. My daughter is banned from spending the night with anyone but my mother (who, sorry is mean as hell and would kill anyone if they tried anything) She is chafing under the restriction, but is also mature enough to know the dangers that wait for an unwary female. I hate to think that way, but I will not take a chance with my baby girl. Like the Meems says, I'm too pretty for jail.

A little good news..
Still standing is the motto for old N'awlins. Battered, bloody and beaten, but yall know the phrase.. Like a phoenix from the ashes, it shall rise again!!! See the following:
Bourbon St
Cafe Du Monde
ACME Oyster House
St. Louis Cathedral

So, with this in mind, we look to the rebuilding of a historical city. Maybe it will be better, who knows. But I know it will take a long time and lots of effort. Here's hoping we pull it off.
Now a little side note that only involves me. I am on chapter 31 of my synopsis. YEAH!!! After a month of being stuck on what basically is a book report (MY OWN BOOK TOO, GAH!) I am well on my way to being finished. If a certain cheesehead threatened me with bodily harm to get me started, that is neither here nor there. *gulps* I'd like to thank Morgan Hawke for her help in this endeavor of mine. She sweetly supplied me a worksheet to guide me through the process, now I am back to the grindstone. Hopefully on my way to being a real writer instead of a dabbler in the inkpot of shame. (fth)

Saturday, September 03, 2005

SHE GOT HOME!!! and other news

She is home!!!! yay!! Now, its time for the dreaded cleanup! My friend is scared, fuel trucks are being hijacked and people are being menaced in gas lines.
I am really glad she is safe for now though.

**and now for the rant portion of this blog**

However, what makes me not glad is a very misinformed young woman that posted that all the people that were left in New Orleans were whores, thugs, and the like. Does this make them any less valuable to us? I think not.

Most of the people that did not get evac'd were from the poverty stricken side of New Orleans you do not even see. It isn't a safe place to visit, hence the tourists are steered away from it.

These people were neither too stubborn or too stupid to evac. They were simply without resources. Please, think of it logically. The hurricane hit at the end of the month. Those on welfare, social security, food stamps do not receive their funds until the first of the month. They had no funds to grab a bus, or rent a car. Some were old, handicapped, mentally unfit to do so in any case.

In Louisiana, the coroner is voted into office. He is a medical doctor but his assistants only need to be in the medical field. He pronounces people dead, BUT he also commits the mentally unstable to the appropriate facility. However, that same person can check themselves out three days later. This is a cycle that is repeated ad nauseum.

So, PLEASE, before you judge those people not worth saving, look at some of that footage again. You will see a woman, obviously poor and uneducated, crying for orange juice for her diabetic mother to have so she won't die. This woman couldn't move her mother. Did she abandon her? NO! She stayed. That, my friend, is called bravery, love and loyalty. Would you leave your mama, your daddy, your kid in that situation? Would you just cut bait and leave? From some of the opinions being spouted (with incorrect grammar and spelling I might add, mm, I guess assholes don't HAVE to spell things correctly.) it seems you would.

That woman, and the 12 yr old girl with back pack full of food for her grandmother, the man that fought for a little kid he didn't even know to have a Hostess cupcake, the old lady that said, "Please, can my dog come too? She's all I have left." Those people are the ones you have condemned with your words of they aren't worth saving.

YOU are even worth saving, YES YOU, idiot! I don't care, save them, nobody deserves to die in the street from a lack of clean water to drink, or insulin shock. Sure, some have raped and killed, stolen, and pillaged, but they need to be saved if only to be brought to justice, it's called the American way.

To justify their deaths because you don't think they are actual people smacks of Nazism, or hey, what about the Native Americans when they were pushed off their land because they didn't matter. Or the slaves that were bought and sold, some of which are the ancestors of the very people you are condemning to a slow and horrible death. You need to get a grip. If you had the bravery that lady that stayed with her mother has in her little finger, you'd be a better person. Excuse me if I don't hold my breath til you get some of that, and a little common decency while you are there.

Love yall,


Friday, September 02, 2005

Donations appreciated, prayers also accepted.

SleepingThey need places to sleep, or things to sleep on and in.

SicklyWe have them sick from the water, from not having water, etc.

Brushing They need basic toiletries

Shaving Shaving items... shampoo, etc.

MoneyOr, hey, money would be nice, in the form of Mcdonald gift cards (for the kiddies to have a happy meal as a treat.) or Walmart (we have Walmarts here, not so many Kmarts just a small bit of info) gift cards too. You can get all your necessities at that store from milk to clothes to the all powerful TP.

Anyway you wanna send, or just your thoughts and prayers......... we accept all major religions, as long as the thoughts and wishes are positive.

Here is a info Link for a few area churches in Northeast La.

All of the churches in Bastrop would be willing to help..

Here are a few more places you may try if you wish.

Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Dept.
ATTN: Danny McGrew
351 S Franklin St, BASTROP, LA 71220
Phone:(318) 281-4141

Bastrop City Mayor
Address: City Hall, Bastrop, LA
Phone:(318) 283-0250

Crisis Assistance Ministry Inc
Address: 702 E Jefferson Av, Bastrop, LA 71220
Phone:(318) 283-0475

All of these people would be happy to take your call, and if they cannot help, will direct you to someone you can.

The local hospital is participating in many of the area activities planned to help the refugees. We are a small community in populace, but very large in heart. I hope that we can help them, but it seems so overwelming with the knowledge that we have no backing from an organization that is supposed to be helping those victims. I.E. the Redcross. I cannot say how disappointed I feel, when we have always donated our monies to them to be abandoned in this way.

In Famerville, LA a group of 17 refugees were told that since their number was so small, the Redcross would not be staying to help. Of course, the community (read them lovely church ladies) took over and stepped in, I am sure. But how can you say that 17 people helped is not enough? What if one of the 17 was your child, husband, wife or mother? It is very disturbing. I am praying for the people of New Orleans, but please be advised, the people of New Orleans are now the people of Monroe, Bernice, Bastrop, Oak Grove, Linville, Sterlington, Farmerville, Marion and other small communities thoughout the area of Northeast La. region.